OpenGL Viewer Project

Project lead: Wen Zheng


The goal of this project is to create opengl viewers that facilitate display and analysis of PhysBAM simulation data, so that users can quickly locate bugs or potential problems of their simulation. To achieve this goal, a number of display functions have already been added for various types of data, such as viewing scalar field data in color map mode, viewing vector field as stream lines, viewing the vorticity field of a vector field, etc. In addition to those frequently used functions that are already incorporated into the viewers, users might also need to add new display functions to explore some specific aspects of simulation data. Thus the PhysBAM_OpenGL framework is also designed to ease this effort.

There are 3 separate viewers that support 1D, 2D and 3D data respetively. The current version only supports data structures defined in PhysBAM_Tools, including grids, scalar fields, vector fields and simple point clouds. An upgraded version will be released once we release PhysBAM_Geometry.

The PhysBAM_OpenGL viewers support the following functions: