Ed Quigley


I did my PhD in the Computer Graphics lab at Stanford University, where I was advised by Prof. Ron Fedkiw and was fortunate to be supported by an NDSEG fellowship. I'm interested in physically based simulation, computer vision, and machine learning for visual effects and real-time graphics applications. I did my undergrad at Grove City College, where I studied computer science and some literature.


Tree Dimensional Reconstruction of Botanical Trees with Simulatable Geometry

Ed Quigley, Winnie Lin, Yilin Zhu, and Ron Fedkiw

SCA 2021

A method and set of data for reconstructing a simulatable representation of a real-world tree.

Real-time Interactive Tree Animation

Ed Quigley, Yue Yu, Jingwei Huang, Winnie Lin, and Ron Fedkiw


A method for parameterizing and animating trees modeled as articulated rigid bodies connected by stiff springs.

Codimensional Non-Newtonian Fluids

Bo Zhu, Minjae Lee, Ed Quigley, and Ron Fedkiw


A method for simulating codimensional phenomena characterized by variable viscosity.

Codimensional Surface Tension Flow on Simplicial Complexes

Bo Zhu, Ed Quigley, Matthew Cong, Justin Solomon, and Ron Fedkiw


A method for simulating surface tension-driven fluid phenomena that exist in multiple codimensions (i.e., volumes, thin sheets, filaments, and droplets).

Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit

Christiaan Gribble, Jeremy Fisher, Daniel Eby, Ed Quigley, and Gideon Ludwig

i3D 2012

An extensible system that supports the visualization of data and data structures related to ray tracing.


Octane: GPU-accelerated Deflagration Simulation for Engineering Applications

Poster at GTC 2015

Campfire Rendering

with Minjae Lee

For our final project in cs348b, we simulated and rendered a fire scene.

Sketch-Based Object Recognition

with Bo Zhu

In cs231a, we implemented a system to classify user sketches over a set of 250 categories.


with Amy Keibler, Brad Holbrook, and William Birmingham

Squared is an iPad game developed at Grove City. Choose from a variety of control styles and see how long you can survive! It's free, so why not give it a try?


Course Assistant, cs248: Interactive Computer Graphics (Winter 2015)

Course Assistant, cs148: Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging (Fall 2014)