Optical Motion Capture Implementation - Ricky Roesler

Optical Motion Capture

Final Project can be found here

Project Goals

This project will focus on the computer vision aspects of motion capture systems. In particular, I plan to implement a very basic motion capture system that can be run from my home computer.


I have worked with computer vision applications previously. Last quarter, I was involved with a project that estimated scene depth using video from a cell phone camera. This type of knowledge will be required to calculate 3D position of makers. I have also worked a fair amount with OpenCV and Matlab, two tools that are likely to come in handy for this project. If you are interested in working on this project please email me at: rroesler@stanford.edu

Topics that will be covered

Why use optical motion capture

Required Hardware

Identifying Markers

Tracking Markers

Turning Marker Locations into Usable Data

Mocap in Industry & Academia

2011-03-29 17:43