Fountain rendering - Vilhelm Hedberg

Project: Rendering a fountain - Vilhelm Hedberg

Simulating and rendering water


Water simulation has been used in a lot of films over the years, where it has been practically impossible or to expensive to film using real water. Traditionally water has been simulated in the field of computational physics but but in recent years a number of techniques has been proposed to simulate water for special effects. The problem is that when simulating water for rendering, it is not only the movement of the water in a closed container that is interesting, but rather the interface (water surface) between the water and air, that is important to render realistically.


Technical contribution

The initial placement of the particles in this simulation looked something like this:

A picture of the simulation run after a short period of time after the viscosity has been lowered is shown below:


The rendering of the particle data was performed using a raytracing system called PBRT. The simulation wrote data files that was parsable by prbt and thus the data could be rendered.

Since the simulation wrote the particle data every n:th of a second, it was also possible to render a sequence of images and create a movie. The result is shown in this video:

Project proposal

2011-03-29 17:43